Built on sound principles that provide a vital contribution to the development of any manager or leader!

About the training:

John F. Kennedy was once quoted as saying that “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” In this TMI Learning Suite Managers and Leaders are encouraged to learn about how they can inspire others to aim for more, do more, learn more, and be more as well as see the opportunities in every potential difficulty particularly in a globally operating enterprise.

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Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the program the participants will;

  • Lead people to live and deliver on the visions and values of the organisation
  • Clarify the expected role of the leader/manager
  • Recognise the basic principles of leadership and plan their application in practice
  • Facilitate the change process successfully
  • Use practical, proven tools and skills for everyday management roles
  • Define the expectations and requirements of the three most important roles that managers undertake
  • Analyse and apply the most appropriate leadership style to the circumstances and/or situation
  • Demonstrate their roles of being a trainer, coach and team leader in a conscious and competent manner
  • Examine the dynamics of the team and successfully make them work
  • Evaluate and develop their own leadership profile
  • Use 5 steps to build trust between themselves and their team
  • Apply the instruments and techniques for directing their own leadership performance
  • Identify how they can successfully use all 3 forms of feedback
  • Use practical “tools” for directing individual people and teams
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